Receive An Exclusive Offer!

L.I.F.E. Health & Fitness Center would like to extend to you an exclusive offer to become a member of our Business Network Program to begin Jan 1, 2017.

As the holidays approach us, for some it may be a time to buy gifts or visit family, but for the business owner, it is a time of opportunity and a time to prepare. As always the industry that receives the biggest increase and demand after New Year’s is the health and fitness industry. Consumers are eager to take the coming of a new year as an opportunity for a fresh start and that usually includes an attempt at living a healthier lifestyle, whether it be through a nutrition program, participating in fitness classes or joining a gym. The point being that the fitness industry has and always will have an increase in foot traffic after New Year’s and we would like the members within our business network to enjoy those benefits with us.

We have an open house at the gym every quarter to show appreciation to our members as well as invite prospective members and businesses from the community to see the facility. Our biggest open house to date will be our next, on Saturday, January 7th, 2017. This open house will be an introduction of things to come in 2017, including new classes, our fitness and nutrition programs and an introduction of our members to the businesses in our network.

We strongly encourage you to come pay us a visit, take a look at our facility, and discuss the role your business can play in our next open house. Attached you will find a more detailed cover letter going over prices and services of the program. Nothing is set in stone and in the past we have made some unique adjustments to cater to the personal needs of the businesses within our network.

I thank you for your time and your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you. I can be reached at the gym morning or night (617)770-1115 or you can email me at Let’s make this new year a successful one!

Business Network Program

L.I.F.E.’s Business Network Program is a unique marketing and advertising opportunity for local businesses. We currently have a database of 2,000 members and 15,000 prospects that we can introduce your business to. When you become a part of our Business Network Program your business will receive the following:

  • Your business link/contact information on
  • Quarterly spotlight/highlight in our email blast reaching over 10,000 emails
  • Opportunity to set up a table or display at our monthly open houses
  • Your business mentioned on our social media with 2,000 followers
  • Lobby display on our sponsorship board
  • Advertisement space on our interactive electronic screen boards
  • Opportunity to offer or inform all of our members any special promotions
  • Corporate rates for all of your employees
  • 15 of our 1 week passes to distribute to your clients

Pricing and Payments

  • 12 months (4 quarters) for $1200
  • 6 months (2 quarters) for $750
  • 3 months (1 quarter) for $450

I sincerely thank you for considering L.I.F.E.’s Business Network Program. I am confident of the benefits we will both gain from this new found partnership, and I look forward to establishing a long-lasting business relationship with you and your company.

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Dwayne Anderson

L.I.F.E. Health Fitness Center
152 Parking WayQuincy, MA 02169