Whether you’re just joining a gym for the first time or you’ve been working out for years, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the infamous INSANITY™ workout. This high intensity, cardiovascular workout is based on the principles of MAX interval training, and it’s a great workout for athletes of all shapes and sizes. In part one of this series, we discussed the basics of MAX interval training and how it compares to the INSANITY workout. In part two, we’ll take a look at the first five workouts in INSANITY so you can be prepared should you join a group fitness class.

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The INSANITY Workout

There are 10 unique workouts in the INSANITY program, and each routine will take anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes complete. It is recommended that you perform these workouts for up to six days a week, over the course of a 60-day program. The very first month of the program has five total body workouts. Let’s take a closer look at them below.

FIT Test

The very first DVD of the INSANITY workout program is known as the FIT Test. The reason for this DVD is to assess where you are in your fitness journey. This 25-minute workout starts off with a warm up where you will go through a series of movements to get your body loosened up. Some of these movements include jogging, jumping jacks, butt kicks, and high knees. Once your quick warm up is complete, Shaun T will take you through a quick period of stretching before getting down to business.

During the rest of the workout, you will be required to do special movements for one minute each, and you’ll be asked to keep track of your reps for each move. Some of these moves will include switch kicks, power jacks, and globe jumps, to name a few. Towards the end of the workout, there will be a four-minute cool down and stretching session so your body can recover from the high intensity cardio work you’ve just performed.

Plyometric Cardio Circuit

The second DVD of the INSANITy workout program is known as the Plyometric Cardio Circuit, which you are expected to complete on day two of the program. This workout is approximately 45 minutes long, and it starts with a warm up as well. During the warm up, you will repeat a series of exercises three times, however the intensity and speed at which you execute the movements will be sped up. In other words, the first set will be performed at a brisk pace, while the second set is at a fast pace, and the third set requires maximum output. Some of the exercises included in this warm up are jogging, jumping jacks, high knees, and mummy kicks.

It’s important to note that your physical form is very important to the integrity and effectiveness of the workout. Be sure to take water breaks when you need them, and don’t compromise on form as you could easily injure yourself. The main workout of this DVD will be broken up into four parts. Let’s take a closer look at each of them below:

  • Suicide Drills – During this part of your workout, make sure to keep your core tight. You’ll be required to stutter step to one side to reach down and touch the floor, only to come back up and do the same movement on the opposite side.
  • Power Squats – To perform power squats correctly, lower yourself down to a deep squat and jump out of it with your hands in front of your body.
  • Mountain Climbers – During this exercise, pretend you’re climbing an actual rock wall. Look up towards the ceiling and reach for the sky by raising each hand and the opposing knee as if you were climbing.
  • Ski Down – During this exercise, you’ll want to get into a bunny squat very low to the ground. Swing your arms up and hop to the side before coming back down into the bunny squat. You can use your arm’s momentum to swing back and forth.

Once these exercises are complete, you’ll be required to perform football drills, basketball drills, and attacks. If you’re not sure how to do each of these movements, don’t worry. Shaun T and his crew of workout gurus will go over how to safely perform each exercise in the DVD.

In part three of this series, we’ll go over the final three total body workouts in the INSANITY program. If you’re interested in trying an INSANITY group fitness class, sign up for a class at L.I.F.E. Health & Fitness Center in Quincy today!

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