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The L.I.F.E. ExperiEnce

Life is Food and Exercise (L.I.F.E) is conveniently located 2 minutes from the Quincy T @ 1400 Hancock Street, Quincy MA. Our Health and Fitness Center offers personal training, meal planning, diet and nutrition products, youth athletic training, boxing, and group classes, all under one roof. The focal point of our facility is the fitness department. Every client will be assessed by a fitness coordinator or coach who will then create a customized package that will fit there personal fitness goal and budget. What separates us from the competition is our ability to offer “something for every-body”.

Fitness centers these days have become one dimensional while the consumer’s desire for a more complete fitness experience increases. The competition is not able to retain clients because they lack variety and the ability to create progressive programs is a must if a person is to achieve any real results. We will base all of our training on the individual’s physical capability, efficiency, exercise preferences, schedule, goals and finances.

Here at L.I.F.E. Health and Fitness Center your experience will differ from any other facility you have been to. Our programming is constantly being revised and modernized to meet individual and group goals. Inside our facility exists multiple different communities from Body Builders, Cardio/Running enthusiasts, Lifters, Power-Lifters, Class Junkies, Martial Artists, Introverts, Senior/Low Impact Fitness, Personal Training Junkies and more. There isn’t a physical task you cannot train yourself for within our facility.

Nutrition is another corner stone of fitness and L.I.F.E. We offer free fitness/nutrition evaluations with every membership. As technology advances and important jobs become more sedentary our bodies pay a big price. We have to counteract this with activity and a proper nutrition plan. A L.I.F.E. certified trainer will coach you through how to properly set up a plate, meal prep and supplement your workouts through nutrition. We believe in teaching a person how to live a healthy life style; rather than just make up a fad to get you to cut unhealthy weight quickly. We pride ourselves in setting up plans high in important macro/micro-nutrients that build muscle and destroy fat. Ultimately, what keeps fat off is a solid foundation of muscle mixed with proper nutrition. Here at L.I.F.E. you will learn the important aspects of a proper diet and how to easily set up healthy meals.

Something for Every – Body!

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